Traditional Wisdoms

We are so fortunate to have the wisdom of our ancestors, our indigenous elders who taught us how to live in harmony with the world and with ourselves. Ancient methods of healing that science had centuries ago rejected as scientifically unfounded dogma are now solidly finding their place within the research of modern science. The innovative fields of quantum physics and epigenetics are proving how these indigenous cultures had it right all along.

Over the decades, we have started to see the return of these methods for maintaining wellness. Traditional wisdoms such as yoga and meditation are no longer unusual in western society, but once again recognised both culturally and scientifically for the benefits they bring. As science catches up and starts looking beyond our outdated theories of the separate nature of the body, mind, spirit and our environment, we are beginning to understand scientifically why these ancient practices used by our ancestors were so sacred and important. Our indigenous cultures intuitively understood things about the body and our existence that we are now beginning to reconnect with.

  • Heart-Brain Coherence – The traditional practices of harmonising the heart and brain into one potent system are now being paralleled very closely with research done by organisations such as the Heartmath InstituteRead More…
  • Understanding the Mind through Ancient Wisdoms  – In line with ancient Toltec teachings of Southern Mexico, Don Miguel Ruiz, a nagual or shaman from the Eagle Knight Lineage of the Toltec explains in his book, “The Voice of Knowledge”  that our thoughts are like wild horses. You need to train them to work for you, otherwise your thoughts will instead take you wherever they want to go.
  • MeditationThis can sometimes sound like a daunting or tedious task. We may think such things as “I can’t meditate because my mind is always racing” or “I find meditation boring” or even “I tried meditation, but it didn’t work for me.” However, it is important to understand there are a variety of ways people can meditate, finding a way to meditate that works for you is possible and ultimately like any skill, it takes a practice and dedication. We can introduce you to a way that will work for you.
  • Meridian Channels and Ki (Qi) – Most of us have heard of our meridian channels as described in Eastern Medicine traditions. This is what is the focus of acupuncture for example. Opening up these energy channels is pinnacle to health, recovery and wellbeing.
  • Healing Diets & the Seasons – The commonly referenced quote by Hippocrates says, “Let food be thy medicine,” and there is a huge amount of truth to this. The food industry generally disregards the healing power of our food, thinking more about producing quantity, sustenance and perfect looking food versus a focus on the natural nutrient rich quality. Indigenous peoples have always taught to hold a deep connection to the earth, the seasons and nature around us. There is an aliveness to all that exists. In some cultures, plants are considered to hold wisdom the same as people can. Eating in line with the seasons allows for nutrient dense food carrying the most aliveness and is an ideal way to harness the healing power of our food.

The good fortune is that our Indigenous peoples and these wisdoms are still here, available to teach us if we are ready to listen. We are able to reconnect and respect the wisdoms that have stood the test of time for thousands of years. We can use these tools to reclaim our health, vitality and wellbeing, as well as the life of our dreams. At Traditional Wisdoms our intention is to facilitate this re-connection for the purpose of healing, creating wellness, balance and living your best life utilising these methods gifted by our ancestors.

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Traditional Wisdoms