Theta Healing

Many people don’t realise that the symptoms that they’re dealing with are actually being caused by unprocessed and blocked emotions in the body.  The body stores emotions and keeps a physical memory of all our experiences; even when the memory begins to fade from your mind it may still live on in the form of physical sensations and behaviour patterns.  The body doesn’t have words to express itself so it responds with physical sensations.

Theta healing gently heals and removes the core issues that we hold onto in our subconscious so that we can start to deal with the undesired condition, rather than merely working on the symptoms. Theta healing fits in perfectly as part of wellbeing coaching sessions, as it can support the client heal issues that come up whilst moving through different stages of the coaching sessions. 

A Theta session typically involves talking in detail about past experiences, emotions and symptoms before I then go into a ‘Theta state’; Theta brainwaves are when the frequency of the brainwave reaches a level where healing can naturally occur.  Clients typically feel relaxed and/or uplifted during this healing process and the majority of my clients feel a significant improvement within 24 hours of receiving the healing.


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