C. R.

“I became very unwell in 2012/13 with various symptoms including adrenal problems and chronic fatigue. I initially tried conventional medicine and soon realised it had little to offer me. I then tried to educate myself and started trying different dietary regimes and supplements. After many months of seeing little change I was beginning to give up hope. I was then advised by a chiropractor friend to see Heidi. It was like the light I needed to see again. Heidi immediately got me started on the correct supplements as not all that I was taking was helpful to me at that time. We started working through hormones, energy cycles, emotional blocks and the correct dosage of supplements to support me. We managed this for a few months and then Heidi moved and we took our consultations to distant healing via Skype sessions. Heidi was able to tune into me and use kinesiology. It was an absolute life line not only did it help get me started on my healing journey but Heidi gave me back hope. I had lost hope and the kind, gentle and supportive guidance and healing she gave me back the hope I lost. Heidi is so supportive, so kind and knowledgable I felt blessed to have found her.”


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