Season-Based Healing

Like nature, humans shift and change with the seasons, without our needing to actually ‘do anything’. Like the tree that sheds it’s leaves in autumn, gathers energy nourishing it’s root over the winter and then budding and blooming back to life over the spring and summer seasons, so does our wellbeing flow with seasons. During my own personal healing journey, I started to notice that I seemed to “crash” at the same times every year and I would also start to feel better and come back alive at other times of the year. It was when I started to connect this cycle with knowledge from traditional wisdoms that I realised this was no coincidence. Bringing this season-based perspective to my own healing, allowed me to then nurture myself better for the seasonal changes my body was resonating with. 

All of our Services at Traditional Wisdoms use a season-based healing approach. Find out the right healing and wellbeing path for you by booking your free 20min Healing Path Guidance Call to discuss your specific needs, where you are on your journey, and how we may be able to help. 

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