Sacred Healing Circle

Small group Supported Recovery Programme alongside Private Consults

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In indigenous cultures, no one walks a journey alone, when one member cries, everyone cries together, when one member rejoices, everyone rejoices together. This program is geared for those that would like a small friendly, supportive, and safe group environment of recoverers journeying together with the guidance of a Recovery Support Specialist.

Why Sacred Healing Circle?

Recovery can feel like quite a lonely road when others around you don’t really understand what you are going through or exactly how you are feeling. When your energy is low it can also be daunting to try to be social not knowing how others might react. Paranoia, fear of judgement, rejection and being misunderstood are very real concerns from Heid’s own personal experience. 

It can seem easier to simply avoid social interaction all together because it just takes too much energy to put yourself out there, but this on the flip-side can then leave a feeling of being completely isolated and lonely even within a family home. For Heidi personally, that usually meant her only companion at times were the typically unkind record of thoughts spinning around in her head. 

While there are wonderful support groups and social media means available to connect, for some, like Heidi in her recovery, it can actually be easy to feel lost in the crowd and invisible or even have an increase in anxiety fearing a negative reaction to your comments in a large group. 

For this reason, Dr. Heidi Bamford, your natural physician and Recovery Support Practitioner, created the Sacred Healing Circle 6-12 Month Programme to allow intimate interaction with a very small group of recoverers, so we can come together exactly as we are with no judgement, no fear of rejection, instead allowing recoverers to find unconditional support, encouragement and friendship through this experience. Together we can be there for each other and overcome.

Starting January 2021

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