Now and Zen Healing Sessions

Description: Simple and straight forward. This package is for the recover that simply wants the guidance of a Supported Recovery Specialist through a number of consults. A six session minimum commitment is required for care. It is usually best to decide on a rhythm of appointments. Often more support is needed initially and then gradually consults are spread out as the recover gets a better handle on their recovery. 

Heidi showed a lot of commitment and dedication to my care, that made me feel as though I really counted and was cared about. Heidi shared some personal experiences which gave me so much hope. I felt we were working on a plan which was unfolding, according to Heidi’s guidance which I believe and felt came from her amazingly deep intuition. That is what made me feel so safe and held – the gift of feeling into me.  It was such a relief to just offer myself up to the process.  I recognised that the work she was doing with me, took considerable effort, which only underlined her dedication and willingness to ‘see’ deeply into me.

 I experienced an ongoing connection over the time Heidi was helping me.  I felt that she genuinely cared about my ability to live more freely and more joyously.  That gave me a sense of purpose and a sense of excitement towards where my life might take me – where I might take my life. 

 And Louise Hay – Heidi shared Louise Hay’s insights which I found inspirational. The messages from the Louise Hay material to which Heidi guided me were so simple and so beautiful and profoundly empowering.  It really works and I use it still.  ‘I am only one thought away from…….change my thought and life will change also’.

Even these many months on, I remember our time together as something very special that happened in my life.  I treasure it. “  


What to expect: 

Complimentary Consult: I offer a complimentary 30min Healing Path Guidance Call so we can have a casual chat to review your current health status and discuss any goals and expectations for your supported recovery journey and make sure supported recovery with a specialist is right for you. 

Initial Consult: From there, we can book you for an initial consult via video or telephone to delve deeper into your personal needs and individual supported recovery path. This generally includes a nutritional testing session (if appropriate) using kinesiology and a detailed report of the session. This consult is 60min, but can be tailored to suit your energy levels.

Consult Package: At this point, the hope is we will have a clear picture if six months of support is right for you. Further consults will be conducted via video or telephone as best suits you. A concise summary of each consult is included in this package and will be provided in a follow-up email. Limited email support between consults is available for any burning questions that can’t wait for the next session or need to be addressed immediately. Please allow 3-5 days for response as it is not always possible to attend to client email on a daily basis.