Luxury for the Soul

A 6-Month Exclusive Healing Programme

A nurturing home retreat for personal healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Ancient Wisdoms tell us that illness is a sign that we need to go inwards and discover who we truly are and learn the incongruences within us that are causing an undesirable physical experience. This programme is precisely designed for the recoverer that has the desire to take this journey inwards, to discover why their body is shutting down and learn how to truly heal, all while emphasising proper pampering through self-care. 

“When I let go of Who I am, I become Who I might be.”  -Lao Tzu

**NOTE – Only a limited number of clients are accepted onto this programme at one time to allow a high level of personal attention.  

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“I was recommended through a friend to contact Heidi in 2017 for treatment to a chronic health condition I had developed. We connected immediately and she has helped put me on my pathway to recovery. I find her ability to connect intuitively is through listening. The ability to listen actively is a skill in order to treat effectively. Heidi has helped me to re-connect and to love myself again.

Heidi doesn’t push clients but works with the patient’s needed pace and then lengthens the time frame between appointments as possible for recovery.

I feel she is able to connect on a spiritual vibration and has that “something else” ingredient. I definitely recommend to book a session with her if seeking alternative treatment.”

Sue M.

What is included in the programme?

  • Personal Attention – This programme gives you access to your own personal Natural Physician and Chrysalis Effect Supported Recovery Specialist who will guide you as you explore the depths of who you really are and what you need as you make your journey toward recovery.
  • 6 Private Consults with your Chrysalis Effect Supported Recovery Specialist, Dr. Heidi Bamford D.C. –  6 monthly one-hour private consults via video or telephone as you prefer. A thorough summary of consults is included in this package and will be provided in a detailed follow-up email. We create an in-depth recovery path to support you in taking the steps needed to move forward on all levels; physical, nutritional, emotional, and energetic. These sessions are tailored to fit your current energy levels. Further bespoke private consults can also be added to suit your needs.
  • Season-Based Healing – You will be guided through a healing plan that honours how your needs change during different times of year. During Heidi’s own personal healing journey, she noticed that she seemed to “crash” at the same times every year and would also start to feel better at certain times of the year. Heidi says, ” It was when I started to connect this cycle with knowledge from traditional wisdoms that I realised these ups and downs were no coincidence. When I brought this season-based perspective to my own healing, I was then able to nurture myself better for the seasonal changes my body was resonating with.” Learn More
  • Food for Healing Nutritional Assessment – A personalised nutritional food plan will be tailored to fit your body’s needs. This will be done during your private consults.
  • Remedies – A personalised nutritional and supplement plan will be provided for you. These remedies will help support such aspects of CFS such as poor sleep, low or erratic energy levels, low mood, achey muscles, etc. 
  • 2 Theta Healing Sessions – Experience two transformational sessions with Traditional Wisdoms Certified Advanced Theta Practitioner, Sarah Grierson. These bespoke sessions will support your personal development and help shift deep seated energetic misalignments making you feel lighter and energetically better able to start moving forward and changing your life.  Learn More.
  • Weekly Live Zen Yoga for Healing – Exclusive access to 6-week Gentle Zen Yoga courses during your 6 month programme. Classes done via Zoom. These are appropriate for all phases of recovery and is specifically tailored to open meridian energy channels helping relieve undesirable effects of a congested body. Zen Yoga was the last step in Heidi’s full recovery and her subsequent maintaining of her wellness and full recovery. Learn More
  • Weekly Live Meditation and Yoga Nidra Class – Exclusive access to a weekly Relaxation session via Zoom consisting of a 45 minute of light stretching, zen meditation and relaxing Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep for relaxation and recharge. Learn More. 
  • Anytime Yoga and Meditation – Exclusive Access to recorded Zen Yoga Classes, Yoga Nidra recordings and Meditations.
  • Personalised Food for the Soul Nurture Pack – sent straight to your door to get you started with individually tailored items to take the stress out of creating a nourishing environment for healing. 
  • Complimentary Bach Flower Remedy –  I will identify your perfect Bach Flower Remedy blend to further support your system. It will be like your own personalised Rescue Remedy. Your first remedy is included complimentary in your package. Learn More. 
  • Extra Support between Private Consults – You will feel very well supported every step of the way.
    • WhatsApp – Regular Check-ins for quick support, not intended for in-depth questions or suitable as a substitute for consults. 
    • 15 minute Quick Connect Video or Telephone Sessions – This package includes six 15 min quick connect sessions you can book as needed. This is appropriate when you have a question that needs answering that can’t wait for your next consult or when you feel you need an extra point of contact between sessions.
    • Email Support – Email is always available for questions that can’t wait for your next consult. While I endeavour to promptly reply to email, please allow 3-5 days for response as it is not always possible to attend to client email on a daily basis. 

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