Heart and Brain Coherence

The traditional practices of harmonising the heart and brain into one potent system are now being paralleled very closely with research done by organisations such as the Heartmath Institute. By recognising how we feel or want to feel and bringing coherence to the heart and the mental thoughts of the brain, we can actually affect our energetic field, often referred to as the illuminous energy field by ancient cultures, such as the shamanic cultures of the Americas.

In 1991, an amazing discovery was made finding 40,000 specialised cells in the heart called sensory neurites. According to scientist and anthropologist Gregg Braden in his talk, “A Secret Technique to Activate your Superhuman Abilities,”  these are brain-like cells in the heart that think, sense and feel independent of our brain. These cells have their own operating system, way of thinking, communicating, they have their own memory. Contrary to what we previously thought, we see that the brain receives messages from the heart, which are based upon our perceptions and the way that we feel. Knowing this, we are now seeing the need to tune into our feelings of the heart and use this connection to our heart to then influence the thoughts and functions of the brain.