Advanced Theta Healing – Heidi’s experience

I asked Sarah Grierson to be a part of the Traditional Wisdoms team because of my own remarkable experience having Theta Healing sessions with Sarah. During my recovery, I found myself in times along the way when I was really deeply down-hearted and I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it.

Consciously I knew so many strategies for positive thinking: affirmations, meditation, journaling, emotional therapies as examples. I knew the emotional downs, like all things was impermanent and that focusing on the happy and healthy life I wanted to create was what would help me ultimately move forward to create that in my life, but despite all of this, I simply could not bring myself out of the ‘frump’ I felt. I even tried multiple counselling sessions to no avail. I had for the most part resigned myself to this sad version of me. I didn’t think anything could help at this stage.

That is until I had the opportunity to have a healing session with Sarah.  It was Sarah’s Advanced Theta training sessions that were able to instantly shift that heaviness that allowed me to feel lighter, brighter and able to move forward. I was so astounded by her gift at creating the quick shift in my energy when seemingly nothing else had worked! Sarah’s Theta sessions became a consistent part of my self-care ever since. I am absolutely delighted to have her available to others through Traditional Wisdoms.

— Dr. Heidi Bamford, DC

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