Bespoke Healing Sessions

Healing Approach

As a natural physician, Dr. Heidi Bamford blends many techniques she has learned over the years to bring a unique and highly personalised healing strategy for anyone looking to boost their health or maintain wellness to the optimal level.

Originally trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Heidi graduated in 2006 after 8 years of undergraduate and doctorate level education. Once in practice, Heidi’s investigative nature as a practitioner lead her to continue learning and adding many post graduate course techniques to her approach. Heidi began to study Applied Kinesiology and became certified in 2008.

Applied Kinesiology gave Heidi a diagnostic tool to use to speak to the body of the individual using a method of muscle testing. It also offered a web of aspects to consider when investigating the core of any health problem. It allowed bringing in aspects such as eastern medicine, meridian channels, and how energy blockages or flow affect health. It also brought in connections between organs and associated muscles, reactive patterns, and structural mal-alignment patterns, which were of particular interest when manual chiropractic corrections were failing to hold the correction long-term. Furthermore, it gives a means to examine environmental factors, food sensitivities, emotional trauma locked in the physical body, and to test the need for extra nutritional or supplement support.

Treatment Frequency

Heidi’s approach is to individualise treatment frequency on a case to case basis, however generally speaking Heidi starts with weekly appointments as the body when healing responds well to a rhythm as we clear out the layers separating you from your optimal level of health. A week is usually the correct amount of time to allow the body to integrate changes from the previous session and be ready to show the next layer to address. As soon as the body starts to stabilise, we can then start to put more distance in between sessions gradually until we reach a frequency for maintenance, meaning all is working quite well and we simply support to body throughout the year as is best for the individual. Maintenance frequency is often dependent on the person’s lifestyle, amounts of physical, emotional or toxic stress are big determiners. All maintenance is naturally discussed but at the discretion of the individual.


“I found working with Heidi hugely beneficial.  She is very easy to talk to and helped explore my issues in a kind and supportive way.  Heidi regularly checked in with me and made me feel supported and safe.  I had not realised that some of my issues were so emotionally embedded and they were hard to think about and deal with.  I never felt judged.  The results were amazing.  I felt that a huge weight had been lifted and that I was floating   

I would highly recommend sessions with Heidi.  It is a complete mind/body healing.”


“I was recommended through a friend to contact Heidi in 2017 for treatment to a chronic health condition I had developed. We connected immediately and she has helped put me on my pathway to recovery. I find her ability to connect intuitively is through listening. The ability to listen actively is a skill in order to treat effectively. Heidi has helped me to re-connect and to love myself again. I feel she is able to connect on a spiritual vibration and has that “something else” ingredient.

Heidi doesn’t push clients but works with the patient’s needed pace and then lengthens the time frame between appointments as possible for recovery. I definitely recommend to book a session with her if seeking alternative treatment.” 


“Heidi always gives me useful insights and practical steps on how to resolve physical or mental-emotional issues that I have had. Heidi is empathic and she’s always very interested in my progress, often sending me follow-up messages and tools, including, recommended homeopathic treatments and Zen yoga postures.  As a healer myself, I can appreciate that her treatments and guidance aren’t only down to her many years of experience and vast knowledge, but due to her intuition to guide our insightful sessions.”