Karen Martin

Zen Yoga & Yoga Nidra Instructor

Karen trained as a Zen Yoga teacher in her 30’s with London’s Zenways. As a teenager Karen attended Hatha Yoga classes and continued through her 20’s practicing Iyengar, Ashtanga & Bikram Yoga. It was however during a period of experiencing stress & anxiety that she participated in an intensive Kundalini Yoga course, designed to elevate low mood. It was this exploration of the breath and meditation that inspired Karen to train as Yoga teacher.

She feels strongly that human beings can often loose their sense of connection to themselves and others. She believes that by rediscovering & delighting our life energy through Zen Yoga practice, we can all feel more balanced, less isolated and content in our day to day lives or as a recent student simply put it “It’s great to just feel nice!”

Karen hopes that through Zen yoga practice every participant will have the opportunity to feel “nice”.

Over the past year Karen has been teaching one to one and group sessions in Vietnam & Dubai. She is currently back in the UK and delighted to be able to offer classes through Traditional Wisdoms.